Reality Augments Set to Return to Fortnite Soon

Reality Augments Set to Return to Fortnite Soon

Leaks indicate that Reality Augments could be returning to Fortnite very soon, greatly shifting the competitive scene once again.

Leaks are hinting at the imminent return of Reality Augments to Fortnite, shaking up the competitive landscape before the next update. November brought a significant shift for Fortnite aficionados. After incessant requests for the OG map's revival, players finally relived its essence in Season OG. This season debuted toward the end of Chapter 4, concluding a month later to pave the way for Chapter 5.

In a bid to offer players the authentic Chapter 1 experience, Epic Games had to make substantial alterations beyond resurrecting Athena island. Numerous mechanics and gameplay elements, familiar to fans, bid adieu as they were non-existent in the olden days. While sprinting and mantling persevered, several other beloved features, including Reality Augments and swimming, were shelved from Fortnite.

Reality Augments made their entrance at the onset of Chapter 4, captivating a vast portion of the community. Each match granted players the ability to activate up to four Reality Augments. They could opt between two random choices or spend 100 gold bars to re-roll, each option offering a distinct advantage to aid survival. However, owing to their late introduction since the game's inception, they had to bid adieu for Season OG. Surprisingly, they didn't resurface upon the advent of Chapter 5, much to the fans' shock. According to iFireMonkey, Reality Augments are slated for a return in Fortnite's Week 3 Weekly Quests, scheduled to go live on December 19 at 9 AM ET.

When Will Reality Augments Return to Fortnite?

The anticipated return of Reality Augments holds significance as game files hint at a Week 3 quest tasking players with activating 15 Reality Augments, a feat impossible if these items remain vaulted. Players were already aware of the Augments' impending return this season, given that one of Chapter 5 Season 1 Milestone Quests required their activation, accompanied by a "Coming Soon" tag, signaling their imminent reactivation.

The resurgence of Reality Augments in Fortnite will inevitably transform the competitive scene. Players will once again access an array of abilities, skills, and unique weapons tied exclusively to certain Augments. Furthermore, the resurgence prompts a renewed focus on gold farming in Fortnite, essential for re-rolling Augment choices.