Blizzard Doubled the Drop Rate of Diablo 4's Rarest Loot

Blizzard Doubled the Drop Rate of Diablo 4's Rarest Loot

Blizzard just doubled the drop rate of Diablo 4's rarest loot, so now's your chance to grab those Uber Uniques

Diablo 4's latest season has proven to be its most bounteous yet, and Blizzard has just implemented a hotfix to further enhance it. The Echo of Duriel, the action RPG's toughest endgame boss, will now yield the game's most potent items, the Uber Uniques, at twice their usual drop rate until the season concludes on January 8.

So long as you can amass the necessary materials to summon and conquer Duriel, your chances of obtaining crucial items for your build, such as the sought-after Harlequin's Crest (also known as "Shako"), are notably higher. While Blizzard hasn't disclosed the original drop rate for Uber Uniques, players estimate it hovered around 2%. You also can use to get Tears of Blood Glyph in season 2.

Every Diablo 4 player desires an Uber Unique due to their exclusive bonuses that aren't available on other gear, such as a necklace that converts mana into health for a quasi-immortal effect. They've become so sought after that an entire economy has sprung up around the materials required to summon Duriel. Players trade these items (using gold or real money) on platforms like Discord and websites such as Diablo Trade, often forming groups to distribute the spoils.

Since delving into farming Uber Uniques, I've witnessed poor Duriel meet his demise over 100 times. Techbitblitz are among the proud possessors of these exceedingly rare items. The task now is to gather them and carry them back to the Eternal Realm once the season draws to a close.

Today's hotfix also includes a significant alteration to a season-exclusive Vampiric Power that clashed with a popular pair of Unique pants, Tibault's Will. Early on, players discovered that upgrading  Metamorphosis  led to an invulnerable Unstoppable state lasting four seconds. However, keeping it at level one shortened this state to just two seconds, allowing more frequent triggering of the resource generation bonus from Tibault's Will. Blizzard has now standardized Metamorphosis's Unstoppable duration at a static 2.5 seconds to prevent players who upgraded it from missing out on one of the game's universally potent items.