777 Hypercar

777 Hypercar

The new 777 Hypercar is a fearsome 900kg track toy with a Dallara motorsport monocoque and a 789bhp naturally aspirated V8.

The spiffing new 777 Hypercar is a fearsome 900kg track toy, bristling with a Dallara motorsport monocoque and a 789bhp naturally aspirated V8. This beastie marks the debut of 777 Motors, founded by Andrea Levy, the grand fromage of the Milan motor show, no less. Only seven of these thoroughbreds will be prancing onto the tarmac, each with a price tag starting at a cool £6 million. The Hypercar takes inspiration for its design and engineering from the sleek LMP1 prototype racers, but unlike the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro or the Ford GT MK IV, it's strictly for private track days, not for mucking about in competitive motorsport.

777 hypercar front view

This means the engine, a Gibson V8 that's powered some LMP1 cars, can be unleashed without any pesky regulations. And what an engine it is! Guzzling on e-fuels, it promises a 65% reduction in CO2 emissions, like a proper green meanie. Our mission? To craft the ultimate track-only hypercar for discerning private owners, setting the gold standard for performance and innovation in the automotive world.

Our mission is to create the ultimate track-use only hypercar for private owners, becoming the reference in the automotive industry for performance and innovation.

The ferocious power and featherweight frame translate to a blistering top speed of 229mph. At that velocity, the Hypercar generates a hefty 2100kg of downforce, pinning you to the seat like a fighter pilot, and delivers lateral acceleration of a jaw-dropping 4g. It even boasts a "push to pass" function, just like the top-tier endurance racers, giving you a temporary burst of power and letting the V8 scream its way to a 9000rpm redline.

This isn't some fairground dodgem, though. To tame this beast, your skills will be honed at the hallowed tarmac of Monza, where it's estimated to lap the circuit in a blistering 1min 33sec – a good 2.4sec faster than the pole lap set by a Toyota GR010 Hybrid LMH hypercar at the 2023 6 Hours of Monza. Not bad, eh?

777 Hypercar Rear Views

And before you unleash this fire-breathing monster, 777's AI-powered virtual coach will get you acquainted with racetracks across the globe, all from the comfort of your Hypercar's cockpit. You'll then attend intensive training courses at either the Varano circuit in Italy or Indianapolis in the US, prepping your body and mind for the g-forces this machine will throw at you. Oh, and you'll be kitted out in a bespoke 777 race suit that monitors your heart rate, temperature, and oxygen levels, just like a Formula One driver. This, my friend, is serious business.