AI Integration to Android Auto

AI Integration to Android Auto

Forget endless message readouts! Google brings AI-powered summaries to Android Auto, condensing busy chats for safer driving.

Artificial intelligence has been around for some time, but OpenAI's ChatGPT marked a significant shift. Google, while seen as a latecomer by some, swiftly adopted AI, weaving it into products like Workspace and Search. Now, Google seems poised to expand AI capabilities to Android Auto, specifically targeting the summarization of lengthy messages.

AI Features in Android Auto Code

Features involving AI in Android Auto's code, as discovered in the Google app version 14.52 (beta) by 9to5Google, suggest plans to create concise summaries of "busy conversations." From our understanding, this addition will complement the existing feature of reading messages aloud using Google Assistant's driving mode, not supplanting it.

Once this feature is live, users can anticipate this description:

Assistant can now summarise your messages. These summaries will be generated by artificial intelligence, so there might be mistakes. You can disable this in Android Auto Settings. Would you like to proceed and have the assistant summarise your busy conversations?

This clarification sheds light on the proposed function, and it's commendable that Google acknowledges the potential for errors in AI-generated summaries. Yet, a sceptical viewpoint might question the usefulness of such a feature, considering the risk of AI misinterpreting vital context within conversations.

How Practical is AI in Android Auto?

A practical scenario where this feature proves useful lies within bustling group chats, where users exchange constant messages. It's probable that you'd prefer not to have each message read aloud. Although there isn’t a visual representation of these summaries available currently, more clarity on this aspect might emerge as we approach a broader release. However, the specific timeline for when this feature will be available to all users remains unknown.

AI functionalities are already integrated into the Android messaging experience, as evident in features like Magic Compose on Google Messages. However, this new integration represents a unique approach and might elicit mixed reactions from users. Considering the strides made by the company in AI capabilities this year, it's apparent that 2024 will be a particularly active year for the search giant.

Google presently hosts several compelling AI projects, such as Help Me Visualize on Slides, AI building blocks, or Help Me Write on Google Docs. Furthermore, there’s the ability to generate various backgrounds for Google Meet calls. A recent addition to Google’s AI lineup is the Gemini model, featured in the Pixel 8 Pro’s Nano trim. This model powers tasks like Smart Replies in Gboard and the Summarize function within the Recorder app.