Toyota Recalling 1.12 Million Vehicles

Toyota Recalling 1.12 Million Vehicles

Toyota Motor said on Wednesday it will recall 1.12 million vehicles worldwide because a short circuit in a sensor could cause air bags not to deploy as designed.

WASHINGTON: In a recent announcement, Toyota Motor revealed plans to recall 1.12 million vehicles globally due to a sensor issue potentially hindering air bag deployment. The recall affects 2020–2022 models of Avalon, Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Lexus ES250, ES300H, ES350, RX350, Highlander, and Sienna Hybrid vehicles, primarily in the US, where around 1 million cars are involved.

This problem revolves around the Occupant Classification System (OCS) sensors, crucial for preventing air bag deployment when a small adult or child occupies the front seat. The remedy involves thorough inspections and potential replacement of these sensors, with notifications slated to begin in February.

Toyota's move follows a prior recall in July 2022 involving 3,500 RAV4 vehicles in the US, addressing potential internal parts interference affecting the accuracy of the OCS sensor's occupant detection.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlights the significant role frontal air bags play, having saved over 50,000 lives in the US across three decades. The development of these new sensors stems from past issues where air bags deployed uniformly for all passengers, resulting in injuries and, in rare cases, fatalities among children, small adults, and unbelted passengers in close proximity to the deploying air bag.