The Power of Wordpress

The Power of Wordpress

A groundbreaking report published this month reveals why worldwide brands are leveraging the power of Wordpress.

The State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 summarises insights gleaned from a survey conducted among over 100 major organisations currently utilising the open-source system. It delves into their WordPress usage, reasons for selecting the platform, and their envisioned extensions for its future development.

Presented by the UK-based agency Big Bite, the report's aim is twofold: to offer valuable industry perspectives and to underscore the magnitude, scope, and quality of brands currently drawn to WordPress. Iain McPherson, CEO of Big Bite, elucidates: “WordPress has become the preferred CMS for an increasing number of prominent brands. While we comprehend the reasons for this among the global enterprises we directly collaborate with, we sought to unearth the advantages for a broader spectrum of organisations and share this knowledge with the wider WordPress community. The report also underscores the platform’s worth to other major brands, showcasing its considerable evolution, adaptability, and expansiveness.”

Supported by WordPress VIP, WP Engine, Pantheon, and Altis, alongside several enterprise WordPress agencies, an array of well-known brands, including Macy’s, New Statesman Media Group, and The Times, have contributed to the study. Covering aspects ranging from monthly hosting expenditures to future intentions regarding WordPress usage, the report’s findings are notably positive. A staggering 9 out of 10 enterprises confirm their commitment to continuing with WordPress in the foreseeable future.

“We are exceedingly pleased with the outcomes,” adds Iain to Techbitblitz.

Being the inaugural report of its kind, we had some uncertainty about what to anticipate. However, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating an imminent migration of even more leading brands to the platform in the ensuing months and years. It also furnishes us with invaluable insights into what enterprises truly desire from WordPress, which will significantly shape forthcoming enhancements and advancements.