How to Catch Meloetta

How to Catch Meloetta

The method to catch Meloetta in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk expansion doesn’t seem real.

The first whispers of the Meloetta method on TikTok sounded like something straight out of a playground rumour. Swirling for ten seconds in a specific spot, then whipping out your camera and sepia filter? It all seemed a bit too...fantastical. Like Mew hiding under a truck, revisited.

But then, more videos sprouted. And more. This wasn't some elaborate prank played on unsuspecting trainers. This was real. I checked it myself, and the convoluted process, as bonkers as it sounded, actually worked.

And for me, and likely many a Pokéfan, it was pure delight. In an age where datamining and crowdsourcing unravel every secret at the blink of an eye, genuine surprise in Pokémon games feels as rare as a Shiny Gyarados. As a sprog, I spent ages deciphering the Regi mysteries. This time, it took a good few days for players to crack the code and share it with the world. A blink in internet time, perhaps, but an eternity in the Poké-discoverysphere.

So, without further ado, let's delve into the peculiar case of Meloetta and how to snag her in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk.

Catching Meloetta: A Whirlwind Romance

First things first, you'll need the Indigo Disk DLC and to have finished the Teal Mask campaign. Then, once you've liberated the Blueberry Academy Terrarium, head on over to the Coastal Biome. Your destination? A specific spot by a waterfall in the southwest corner. See the map below for details.

Catching Meloetta Maps

Now, here's where things get whimsical. You'll need to pinpoint the exact Meloetta-summoning location within this general area. To do this, keep your ears peeled for the background music fading away and watch for a swirling breeze around your character. The breeze isn't unique, so listen carefully for the music cue. Luckily, there's a handy plant nearby you can use as a reference point while scouting. See the picture below for the magic spot.

Catching Meloetta Trick

Once you've found the music-dampening breeze, it's time to pirouette. Spin your character for a good ten seconds or so by twirling the left control stick continuously. It's not just any old turn, mind you – there's a special spinning animation for this dance.

Catching Meloetta Trick

Next, whip out your trusty Rotom Phone and camera (D-pad down). Now comes the sepia trick. Use the D-pad arrows to switch the camera filter to sepia, which adds a brownish tinge to the viewfinder. You can check the filter selection in the top right corner of the screen.

With your sepia-tinted lens ready, scan the area. When you've done it right, a new song with a flute-like melody will fill the air. That's your cue to throw out your Poké Ball and welcome Meloetta to your team!

And there you have it, the curious case of Meloetta cracked. So grab your dancing shoes, your sepia filter, and get ready to catch a mythical wonder the unconventional way!