How to Get Tears of Blood Glyph

How to Get Tears of Blood Glyph

Season 2 – the Season of Blood – has specifically afforded players vampiric powers and gear, with the Tears of Blood Glyph being a particularly important highlight.

While Diablo 4's seasonal structure might not suit everyone's tastes, Blizzard has managed to attract a dedicated audience for the game's post-launch updates. Season 2, dubbed the Season of Blood, has focused on granting players vampiric abilities and equipment, placing a special emphasis on the Tears of Blood Glyph.

So, What Exactly Does the Tears of Blood Glyph do?

lyphs serve as passive enhancements slotted into characters' Paragon Boards, offering a range of unique bonuses. In the case of Tears of Blood, this Glyph provides a substantial damage increase that scales alongside Core stat purchases within its Paragon Board range. Here are its base attributes:

  • Tears of Blood Glyph
  • Item of unique rarity
  • For every 5 Core Stats purchased within range, you gain +[2]% increased damage.
  • Bonus: Grants a +50% bonus to all Rare nodes within range. This bonus increases by 10% every 10 levels.

However, the availability of the Tears of Blood Glyph in Diablo 4 won't last forever. As it's tied to the Season of Blood, slated to conclude on January 23, 2024, you have until then to acquire and possibly enhance it. It's a classic case of FOMO, inherent in the nature of live-service gaming. Oh, and don't overlook Diablo 4's Midwinter Blight event while you're at it.

Diablo 4 Season 2: getting the Tears of Blood Glyph

Acquiring the Tears of Blood Glyph in Diablo 4 Season 2 isn't a walk in the park, though. It demands ample resources and a solid character build to conquer its dungeon and defeat the boss holding the Glyph. So, if you're new to Diablo 4, expect this to be quite the undertaking. Here are the initial prerequisites to initiate the quest and access the foreboding Abattoir of Zir:

  • Reach level 100 with your participating character.
  • Commence your Season 2 Journey and complete all seven stages of it.

While it's not unattainable to complete these requirements relatively swiftly, they underscore the commitment necessary to reach the Abattoir of Zir. Once you've concluded your seasonal Journey and your character has hit level 100, it's time to progress further:

  • Seek out the Occultist and craft the Bloodforged Sigil (costing 60,000 Gold and 800 Sigil Power).
  • Head to the city of Ked Baru and enter the Blood Portal to access the Abattoir of Zir.

Inside the Blood Portal, swiftly eliminate all the threats within the dungeon. Your reward for this effort includes the NMD Upgrade Totem (for Glyph upgrades), the Bloodforged Sigil recipe, and the Tears of Blood Glyph.

How to upgrade the Tears of Blood Glyph?

The allure of Tears of Blood lies in its potential for enhancement up to level 200, and the process is straightforward: keep navigating the Abattoir of Zir dungeon. Each upgrade boosts the Glyph's Core Stat damage increase and extends the range of its passive bonus effect.

Maximizing the Tears of Blood Glyph's level will facilitate engagement with Diablo 4's Season 2 content, making it a prime choice if you aim to optimise your character for the season.